Can I reserve a headstone, crypt, monument or other plot type now?

Not yet. A limited number of $PLOTs will be made available early 2022.

When and where can I experience Marble Town?

In late 2022, $PLOT holders will be able to access Marble Town beta via Metaverse browser and VR headset. In 2023, Marble Town will open to the general public.

Is Marble Town only for real dead people?
Currently yes! However soon after launch we will begin taking reservations for the Bestairium (our pet cemetary).

Who can buy a $PLOT?
Anyone who wants to can, so long as they have a crypto wallet with ETH in it.

Can I share my $PLOT with someone else?
Yes, you can share a $PLOT with at least one other person. 

Can I put my own objects in my crypt?

Yes, you can put your own objects and NFTs in your crypt.

Will there be rules in Marble Town?

Indeed there will. Rule number one? Only those who are verifiably dead can be buried in Marble Town.

Can I put any type of content on my gravestone?

No, there are limits, to ensure a SFW and kid-friendly experience in the Marble Town metaverse. Funeral services, memorial services & special events must be conducted via Marble Town Mortuary Services.

Will there be annual rent for plots?

No. You are only required to purchase the $PLOTs, and you are free to use it as defined in the Marble Town Terms of Interment.

Can you be a witness to someone’s metaverse burial?

If it is a public metaverse burial, or you’re invited, definitely!

Can I get a $PLOT for my pet?

Yes, you can. You may inter them within your $PLOT, or get them their own $PLOT in the Marble Town Bestiary.

What’s the Marble Town Mortuary?

The Marble Town Mortuary is available to help arrange services and memorials, fashion custom metaverse coffins, and make high-end customizations to your $PLOT.

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How will Mortuary Services be coordinated?
The Marble Town Mortuary handles all aspects of the cemetary’s governance & management, including placement of the $PLOTs, coordinating community proposals, as well as planning and execution of the monument building, customization, launching and hosting of memorial services and events, and reclamation of $PLOTs for resale at re-sale price at the end of year.

How are you going to ensure only dead people are interred in Marble Town?
We are working with experts in the field and advanced AI systems to develop a patent-pending Proof-of-Death protocol and KYC process to ensure all permanent residents of Marble Town are in fact deceased.

What is Proof-of-Death? How will this work?
Proof-of-Death (PoD) is the process by which Marble Town Mortuary Services will ensure that those who are being intered in Marble Town are verifiably deceased. This requirement is to protect the sanctity of the cemetary and ensure its authenticity, which is especially critical given the nature of $PLOTs memorialized therein.

Will there be additional plot types and land available?
Yes. We are developing additional plot types and larger plot parcels, as well as dedicated plots for larger monuments, crypts and mausoleums.

How do we pay our respects to the deceased?
All visitors to a $PLOT can memorialize the deceased by and placing media, 3d models, virtual artifacts, candles, bouquets and other things on while they’re at the $PLOT.

What about memorials for famous dead people? Can we purchase a $PLOT for John Lennon, for example?
If the person is deceased in the 20th century, we offer a ‘twilight’ period where we will take reservations only from  bonafide representatives of the estate of a deceased person. A modest proportion of our $PLOTs are reserved for “honorary members”, who are public personas who don’t actually hold these $PLOTs yet, but will have access the $PLOTs given the right KYC/AML paperwork.

What about much older dead people? Can I have my $PLOT next to Aristotle?
Historical figures from antiquity will be voted on by $PLOT holders for inclusion in Marble Town. We will also issue RFPs to digital artists to create interactive monuments to these figures, which we will inter within Marble Town. 

Will I be able to sell my plot, or make a change to my $PLOT?
You are always free to sell your $PLOT on the open market. If you need to make a change to your $PLOT, you can reach out to the Mortuary Services Department and tell them you want to make a change to your $PLOT.